About us


The Department of Agricultural Economics is a part of Agricultural Faculty of the Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel.

Its academic staff is engaged in teaching in the following areas:

  • graduate courses in the economic and social sciences in agriculture, agribusiness and agricultural economics;
  • graduate and undergraduate courses for students of agricultural sciences and students of nutrition science and food economics;
  • courses for students of the minor specialization in agricultural economics of Kiel's Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences;
  • courses for external students;
  • participation in national and international postgraduate training programmes.

The basic education of all students enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture in the use of information technology is carried out in the PC laboratory located on the premises of the Department.

The Department's research activities are concerned with economic aspects of agricultural sectors and agribusiness systems and are intended to contribute to decision making in policy, administration and the agro-industry.