Welcome to the chair of Political Economy of Resource Management with a focus on Marine- and Coastal Resources


At the chair, we want to contribute to the international scientific and political discussion at the intersection of natural resource management, political economy, and technological change in order to solve pressing environmental problems, especially in the area of marine and coastal resource management. To do so, we analyze different options of natural resource management as well as the (political) process of its implementation. We work with conceptual models as well as with integrated ecological-economic models to quantitatively evaluate the impacts from different management options. We cooperate with research partners to test mechanisms with the help of regression analysis or experiments. We are part of “Kiel Marine Science” as well as of international and interdisciplinary competence networks, which facilitates cooperation to answer open research questions related to natural resource use in an integrated manner.


For further information, visit: https://oceanandsociety.org/en/home






Study project or Bachelor thesis or Master thesis: Perceptions of cod anglers about the stock development and management responses.

We are launching large-scale surveys on how cod anglers perceive the current stock decline (the surveys are in German) and what cod anglers think about the future. The thesis should provide answers based on already collected data. For more information, contact Prof. Dr. Julia Bronnmann  (Julia Bronnmann <jubr@sam.sdu.dk>)